At Crosbie House, the client and the treatment of the addiction always come first.

3 out of 4 clients are abstinent from their addiction one year after treatment.


99% Client satisfaction-program, staff, food, comfort, facility, location

30 yrs

3 decades of experience helping men and women rebuild their lives


Crosbie is not distracted in a quest for profits or government subsidies.

A History of Success

First opened in 1978, Crosbie House draws its name from its first medical director the late Dr. Jack Crosbie. Throughout those years, our success has developed from our deep understanding of addiction. Addiction is using too much again and again, not being able to stop when you want to, hurting others when you don’t want to. And yes, we can stop it all.


Addiction is a disease of the brain. Addiction is not due to a moral failure or lack of willpower. The first time a person gambles, takes drugs or alcohol, it is by choice. But over time, with continued use, the substance or behavior can “hijack” the reward system in the brain and destroy a person’s ability to make good choices and control their behaviour.


The good news is just as the brain molded itself around addiction, with treatment, time and continuing commitment to abstinence it can be molded around recovery. Treatment at Crosbie provides tools and a context for clients to learn new ways of living without alcohol, drugs or gambling. Aftercare for the individual and programs for family members lay the foundation for sustained abstinence and a much richer and happier life.

Upon Completing The Program

Clients who follow their agreed upon “recovery prescription”, attend 12-step meetings and work with a sponsor are twice as successful in achieving long term sobriety as those who attend treatment alone.


Addiction is a lifetime condition. Upon successful completion of the 28 day residential program you will receive periodic calls from addiction staff and be encouraged to use the 24 hour toll free number. You will be connected to 12 Step community support, by means of Crosbie’s extensive network of people throughout Atlantic Canada and beyond who have maintained abstinence and who are willing to work with newly recovering individuals.


You will be encouraged to attend Crosbie alumni workshops and events which offer year-round opportunities to learn, to grow and make friends in recovery. These include our relapse prevention workshops, seminars for families, addiction in the workplace seminars, the annual Crosbie picnic and our on-site 12 step meetings and family consultation nights.