For Professionals

The program at Crosbie has proven to be a useful tool for many professionals of the years. We have many referrals from Doctors, Lawyers, and individuals/agencies outside of Crosbie. This network has grown due to the proven successes they have seen upon the completion of our four week program.

The length of stay is 4 weeks. Clients leave with an aftercare plan; appropriate contacts in the recovering community, a 24/7 help line and free access to Crosbie’s quarterly family and relapse prevention seminars and monthly webcasts.

Reach Out

Referrals are not necessary, but if you find yourself in need of information for yourself or a client the first step is to contact a professional at Crosbie House who has personal insight into addiction and the challenges faced in recovery.

Recovery is Possible

If your client has an addiction it is important for them to know they are not alone. Working with individuals and Crosbie House to achieve recovery can be a rewarding experience for everyone involved. The Crosbie program has helped many individuals recover from alcohol, gambling, and drug addictions to regain their lives.

I’ve practiced in Nova Scotia for many years. Lawyers need to have top-drawer resources to help clients for two purposes, in the following order: #1, for the client’s benefit, but also #2, for legal purposes . In my opinion, the non-profit status of Crosbie House shines through, promoting success for a client’s recovery, and assistance for specific legal needs too. The professional care is outstanding, not only during the residential care portion, but for the after-care services in the community too.
Mark Knox, Q.C.