For Family

Recovery is a lifelong commitment, so it is essential that family members are offered the support and training required for achieve positive results. Your patience and understanding will be vital – especially in the beginning stages – to a successful recovery. It won’t be easy but we will be here to help you every step of the way.

Family Group

We provide a weekly Family Group on Wednesday evenings and one on one counselling for family members. This is an opportunity to gain education, insight, and support into the addiction and recovery process. The Family Group follows our program’s theme of the week but can accommodate any area which the family would like to explore. Concerned others are welcome to this program.

Why Should Family Members Seek Help?

Participation in the Family Programs is beneficial in several ways:

  • It allows the counsellors to gain insight from the family dynamics allowing for positive changes on how to move forward in their recovery.
  • It encourages clients to continue with their recovery with the knowledge their families are moving along a common path. It is an opportunity for you to learn how the entire family is affected by the disease of addiction.
  • Clients and family members are given the opportunity to meet with a counsellor to help facilitate a healthy communication process which can ease the transition back into a healthy lifestyle.

Family Help Via Skype

We are now offering Skype as a means of staying connected with the Family Program and can be an option for those at a distance. To access via Skype add crosbiehouserecovery (all one word) as a contact and be online Wednesday evenings at 6:00 p.m. A video call will be sent out and you can press accept with video to connect to the session.

Family Workshop

We also host a Family Workshop all day Saturday quarterly. With the support from one of Crosbie Physicians and community resources, our Family Program Staff provides a factual and insightful look at the disease of addiction from the family’s point of view.