For You

The recovery treatment program at Crosbie House focuses on the mending of the mind, body and spirit. Over the course of four weeks our clients participate in one on one sessions with addiction specialists and physicians as well as being involved in extensive group therapy sessions including yoga, acupuncture, art, physical activity, and smudging.

Clients are also introduced to and participate in 12 step recovery meetings. Recovery meetings such as these have been the backbone of addiction recovery in North America and the world since the 1930’s. Many of the Crosbie House staff are recovered and know the value of these meetings first hand.

Ongoing Treatment

After the four weeks are over our clients leave with a clearer mind, more healthy body and re-kindled spirit. From there our aftercare program and the vast network of Crosbie House alumni take over and guide our newest Crosbie House members through the transition into a life free from active addiction.